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Bachelor CollegesUniversal College - Courses, Fee Structure, Location

Universal College – Courses, Fee Structure, Location


Universal College

📍 Maitidevi, Kathmandu
✆ +977 01-4620522

Courses (Tribhuvan University)

Programs Offered (Affiliation: Tribhuvan University)

Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)

Years: 4 Years | Seats: 64

Bachelor of Business Studies (BBS)

Years: 4 Years | Seats: 80

Bachelor of Arts (BA)

Years: 4 Years

MA in English (MA English)

Years: 2 Years



  • Minimum D+ Grade in each subject of Grade 11 and Grade 12 with a CGPA of 1.8 or More. Or,
  • Minimum score of second division marks in 10+2, PCL, or Equivalent in any discipline. Or,
  • Students awaiting grade 11 and grade 12 results are also eligible to apply. They must, however, provide passed grade 11 and 12 certificates at the time of enrollment.


  • Grades in 11th and 12th grade must be at least D+ with a CGPA of 1.6. Or,
  • Second-division marks in 10+2, PCL, or an equivalent grade in any discipline are the required minimum. Or,
  • You can also apply if you are a student awaiting your grade 11 or grade 12 results. At the time of admission, however, they must present their grade 11 and grade 12 passing certificates.
  • Pass the Entrance Exam Conducted by the college


  • Student must have completed Grade 11 and Grade 12 with at least a D+ grade in all subjects.


Universal College offers a substantial number of merit/need-based scholarships under a variety of names. The college administration can provide a thorough summary of scholarship provisions to deserving students.

About Universal College

UNIVERSAL College, located in Shantinagar, Kathmandu, is a one-of-a-kind educational institution founded in 2054 B.S. by a group of visionary experts from Nepalese academics. The college’s adventure began with a single TU-affiliated BBS program in 2054 BS. It has since expanded to include highly sought-after programs such as BBA, B.A., BBS, and M.A. (English).

These additions to the solo program attest to the college’s educational excellence and the success achieved by Universalians in the labor market and in real life.

This has been possible because the college, since its inception, boasts of a team of renowned faculty members acclaimed nationally in varied fields including finance, management, commerce, IT, research, and social sciences; many of whom have proved their worth through authorship, policy research, entrepreneurship, and so on to cite a few. 

The team of such specialists is dedicated to converting students into capable leaders who promote the ideals of truth, justice, and peace in all aspects of life in this uncertain world. The team’s high standard is further supported by the students’ remarkable performance at all levels.


To assist students in acquiring and developing the information, skills, values, and leadership characteristics required for personal and professional growth in the twenty-first century and beyond in a variety of fields.


The college’s mission is to attract hardworking students from diverse backgrounds to serve a meritocratic Nepal; inspire them to be just and ethical citizens; train them to be wise and principled leaders; and assist them in becoming what they promise to be by developing positive attitudes toward thinking, collaboration, leadership, problem-solving, and decision-making by broadening their horizons to think globally while remaining rooted in Nepal’s heritage, history, and culture.


The primary goal is to provide high-quality education in the domains of science, management, humanities, social sciences, and information technology, as well as to broaden students’ intellectual and spiritual horizons and to highlight the grandeur of humanity’s never-ending pursuit of truth, beauty, and compassion. The additional goals are to:

  • Prepare pupils for middle-management roles in the business sector.
  • Develop students’ abilities in object-oriented Business, Social Sciences, and IT Management sectors, and prepare them to be leaders capable of comprehending and creatively addressing actual business challenges.
  • Provide professional IT education that includes a variety of IT disciplines such as design, development, programming, digital marketing, and so on.
  • Students will be prepared to pursue postgraduate studies in Business Administration and Information Technology.
  • Provide life-long education and training to generate intelligent and skilled graduates capable of sustaining individual career success in a global economy.

Core Values

We have identified six basic beliefs that govern our operational culture and dedication to providing exceptional assistance to our students.

  • Accountability
  • Collaboration
  • Empowerment
  • Integrity
  • Development
  • Enrichment
  • Exploration


Phone:  +977 01-4620522/23/24

Email: [email protected]

Location: Maitidevi, Kathmandu, Nepal


College NameUniversal College
AffiliationTribhuvan University
Fee StructureNPR 2-8 Lakhs (Expected, Varies Between Courses)
LocationMaitidevi, Kathmandu

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