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Top A-Level College in Nepal, Best A-Level College in Kathmandu

Engaging in A-Level science education in Nepal offers a gateway to a multitude of possibilities. Within the nurturing ambiance of leading A-Level Science Colleges, students explore a range of fields from medicine to technology. In this article, we will be looking at the list of top A-Level Colleges in Nepal.

In these colleges, young minds cease to be mere students and transform into future pioneers of science. With a foundation built on innovation, they are prepared to tackle global challenges. A-level education in Nepal’s top science colleges isn’t just academic; it’s a transformative experience that equips students to reshape the scientific landscape, making impactful contributions to the world. Here, we have included 5 top A-level colleges in Nepal with their small overview.


If you have passed the SEE or equivalent, you can enroll in the A-Level course in Nepal.

Note: This is not a rank-wise listing.

Top A-Level Colleges in Nepal

St. Xavier’s College

St. Xavier’s College is one of the top A-Level Colleges in Nepal and is located in Maitighar Kathmandu. It is a higher education institution founded and operated by the Nepal Jesuit Society. The Jesuits began their educational effort in Nepal with the establishment of St. Xavier’s School in Godavari in 1951, followed by St. Xavier’s School in Jawalakhel, St. Xavier’s School in Deonia, Moran Memorial School in Maheshpur, and St. Xavier’s School in Sadakbari.

St. Xavier's College is the best Science College in Nepal

The College supports intimate student-teacher relationships and encourages students to reach their full leadership potential. The rational pursuit of greatness, as well as the diversity of activities to which students are exposed in College, are meant to build moral leaders who will defend the values of truth, justice, and peace.

Trinity International College

Trinity International SS & College is one of Nepal’s top A-Level Colleges in Nepal. It has both science and Non-Science A-level courses. Trinity represents academic achievement. The College features a welcoming environment, cutting-edge infrastructure, and a distinguished faculty. The institution, which is managed by a dedicated team of professionals who exceptional national and international advisers advise, ensures that student needs and academic assistance go hand in hand.

Trinity International Secondary School and College is one of the top Plus Two Science Colleges in Nepal

The college is located in Dillibazar Height, Kathmandu, Nepal. The College is committed to providing high-quality teaching and learning that is current, pragmatic, and effective. They want to provide a competitive environment that promotes new ways of knowing, active engagement, and ongoing encouragement for student success.

Ace Institute of Management

Ace Institute of Management is a private business college located in New Baneshwor, Kathmandu, Nepal. It only has a Non-Science A-Level course. It was established in 1999, the college has evolved as one of the best management colleges in the country.

Ace Institute of Management is one of the best A-Level Colleges in Nepal

Since its foundation in 1999, they have established itself as a premier institution committed to increasing the ability of persons and institutions in Nepal to contribute to the development of the country.

The British College

The British College is located in Thapathali, Kathmandu, Nepal, and is one of the top A-Level Colleges in Nepal. It offers both Science and Non-Science Cambridge GCE A-Level.

The British College

Their mission is to give students access to global learning opportunities and experiences. The College offers a high-quality education that forces both students and faculty to think internationally, a concept that is further supported by the worldwide corporations that participate in our student exchange programs and internships.

NAMI College

NAMI (Naaya Aayam Multi-disciplinary Institute) College is located in Jhorpati, Kathmandu. It also offers both Science and Non-Science A-Leve courses. It was founded by a group of like-minded, accomplished, and dedicated Nepali citizens.

Nami College is one of the best A-Level Colleges in Nepal

All curricula will be collaboratively delivered by UON and NAMI professors in accordance with UoN’s design and the Government of Nepal’s approval. NAMI students will receive a University of Northampton diploma upon graduation. After Year 2, NAMI students will also be able to transfer credits to UON and participate in the UK graduation ceremony.

Summary: Top A-Level Colleges in Kathmandu, Nepal

S.NBest A-Level Colleges in NepalLocation
1St. Xavier’s CollegeMaitighar, Kathmandu
2Trinity International CollegeDillibazar, Kathmandu
3Ace Institute of ManagementNew Baneshwor, Kathmandu
4The British CollegeThapathali, Kathmandu
5NAMI CollegeJhorpati, Kathmandu


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