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Best Consultancy in Nepal for New Zealand (For 2024)

Do you want to continue your education in New Zealand? Achieving your academic goals may depend on choosing the right consultancy. With so many options, it’s crucial to pick the best institutions that can provide trustworthy guidance and assistance. Here, we have listed the 10 best consultancies in Nepal for New Zealand.

Best Consultancy in Nepal for New Zealand


AECC is frequently rated as the best consultancy in Nepal for New Zealand. By connecting them with appropriate study options at more than 750 renowned educational institutions, they have assisted over 50K foreign students in achieving their study-abroad ambitions.

AECC Nepal Consultancy Logo

Their Education Counselors have almost all been foreign students in the past, so we understand what it’s like to be thinking about studying abroad.

They serve as objective defenders for more than 500 internationally regarded schools and universities. They give you a wide variety of possibilities, all backed by the depth of expertise at each school.

Alfa Beta Consultancy

Alfa Beta is located in New Baneshwor, Kathmandu, and also has many varies around the country. They are well-known and have extensive experience advising students on abroad study. It provides a range of services, such as aid with application submission, processing of visas, and exam preparation.

Alfa Beta Consultancy is the top consultancy in Nepal for New Zealand

They ensure that applicants receive customized help and support throughout the application process from their educated and devoted counselors.

With the help of contacts Alfa Beta Consultancy has made with esteemed colleges and educational institutions throughout the globe, students now have access to a wide range of study possibilities. Alfa Beta Consultancy has assisted many students in realizing their aspirations of studying abroad by committing themselves to excellence.

Expert Education

Similarly, we have Expert Education and Visa Services as one of the best consultancies in Nepal for New Zealand. They give Nepalese students who desire to study abroad in countries like the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, and Australia reliable, trustworthy, and legal support.

Expert Education & Visa Services is one of the best education consultancy in Nepal for New Zealand

To assist you with achieving your academic objectives, they provide qualified personnel with years of experience in many countries.

Among its international students are highly qualified education consultancy agents. They are devoted to helping aspirant foreign students achieve their objectives by studying abroad and turning aspirations into reality. Moreover, the attentiveness and superior services of their visa experts have benefitted several students.


Following that, we have the KIEC Pvt Ltd. They provide competitive visa rates not just for New Zealand but also for Australia, the US, Canada, and the UK. Their main office is in Kathmandu’s Dillibazar, although they have branches all around the country.

KIEC Consultancy is one of the top consultancy for the UK in Nepal

The main areas of concentration for KIEC are test preparation classes and counseling for international studies. Our inspiration comes from seeing the smiles on the faces of the parents of the respective pupils following their college or university placement and profession choice. Maintaining cordial relationships with pertinent institutions and colleges is another factor we appreciate.

Kangaroo Education Foundation

Likewise, the Kangaroo Education Foundation (KEF) is among the best consultancy in Nepal for New Zealand. They are situated in the Kathmandu Valley near Putalisadak and New Baneshwor. KEF has offices in Chitwan, Pokhara, Birtamode, Itahari, and Butwal, which are all beyond the valley.

Kangaroo Education Foundation

KEF is a committed group of professionals with in-depth knowledge in management, consulting, education, and training who are committed to providing great service. Further, all of the educational counselors who work for the Kangaroo Education Foundation must be licensed professionals, as must all of their authorized counselors.

Pyramid Consultancy

Since 2014, Pyramid Consultancy Pvt. Ltd. has been one of Nepal’s top educational consultancy for New Zealand. They’re in Bagbazar, in Kathmandu. Based on your demands, their goal is to offer complete services for international education.

Pyramid Consultancy Pvt. Ltd

Their goal is to close the educational gap between our students and institutions abroad so that they can continue their studies. By providing sincere counseling and immigration consultation services to deserving students, they support foreign education.

Edwise Foundation

Since its founding in 2005, the Edwise Foundation, a Nepalese independent student placement agency, has been devoted to helping Nepalese students pursue higher education in New Zealand and other nations.

Edwise Foundation

They now maintain formal connections with more than 200 institutes of higher learning in the US and other countries. Based on student’s academic interests, financial capabilities, and other important features, they have also developed informal links with several other universities.

Their success rate in placing around 5,000 students in a variety of universities, from modest private liberal arts schools to renowned Ivy League universities in the United States, is impressive. Their expertise ensures that students and institutions are a good match, with both partial and full financial aid packages available to aid them in their academic endeavors.

Global Reach

Global Reach is also one of the top consultancies in Nepal for New Zealand. Over the last 31 years, Global Reach has guided more than 400,000 students and successfully placed more than 50,000 of them in prestigious institutions in 18 different countries. According to several evaluations and surveys, Global Reach students are noticeably more knowledgeable than their classmates.

Global Reach Consultancy

Additionally, the distribution strategy used by Global Reach has received a client satisfaction level that is extremely near to 100%.

AAERI (Association of Australian Education Representatives in India) is associated with Global Reach, which is run by Mr. Ravi Lochan Singh, an elected member since 1996. For the fifth time, Mr. Singh is now AAERI’s president. The Australian High Commission in New Delhi, AEI, founded AAERI in 1996 to foster industry self-regulation.

The Next Education Consultancy

The Next Education Consultancy has its main office in Kathmandu’s Dillibazar and is a well-known and comprehensive study abroad consultant in Nepal for New Zealand. Their support offices are in Sydney and Perth, Australia, and they also have branches in Parsa, Birtamode, Pokhara, Nawalparasi, Chitwan, and Butwal in Nepal.

The Next Education Consultancy Pvt. Ltd is one of the top consultancy in Nepal for New Zealand

With a single goal in mind, The Next Education Consultancy seeks to direct students to the most appropriate schools that will determine their future. They help students choose the best institutions for their requirements by using their knowledge and extensive experience.

They can provide top-tier services to their students, assuring the greatest potential outcomes, thanks to their extensive network with Australian universities.

Professional Education Consultancy

Professional Education Consultancy (PEC) is located in New Baneshwor, Kathmandu. They stand out from the competition because of their steadfast dedication to morality and honesty while helping deserving students pursue world-class educations abroad.

Professional Education Consultancy

PEC gives young people in our nation unparalleled support and guidance throughout their educational journey because it values their ambitions and aspirations.

Enrolling a student in the college or organization that best suits his or her interests has never been easy. However, the knowledgeable group of counselors allowed the student to experience joy. Their professionalism and ethical business conduct are their main USPs.

Moreover, every one of their students receives coaching and all the help they need for a successful transfer.

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Summary: Best Consultancy in Nepal for New Zealand

S.NBest Consultancy for New ZealandLocation
1AECCKamal Pokhari, Kathmandu
2Alfa Beta ConsultancyNew Baneshwor, Kathmandu
3Expert EducationBasundhara, Kathmandu
4KIECDillibazar, Kathmandu
5Kangaroo Education FoundationPutalisadak, Kathmandu
6Pyramid ConsultancyBagbazar, Kathmandu
7Edwise FoundationNew Baneshwor, Kathmandu
8Global ReachDillibazar, Kathmandu
9The Next Education ConsultancyDillibazar, Kathmandu
10Professional Education ConsultancyNew Baneshwor, Kathmandu


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