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Bachelor CollegesUnited College - Courses, Fee Structure, Location

United College – Courses, Fee Structure, Location


United College

📍 Kumaripati, Lalitpur
✆ +977 01-5538673

Courses (Tribhuvan University)

Programs Offered

Bachelor of Computer Application (BCA)

Years: 4 Years | Seats: 35

Master of Business Studies (MBS)

Years: 2 Years | Seats: 35

Eligibility / Admission


  • Grades in 11th and 12th grade must be at least D+ with a CGPA of 1.6. Or,
  • Second-division marks in 10+2, PCL, or an equivalent grade in any discipline are the required minimum. Or,
  • You can also apply if you are a student awaiting your grade 11 or grade 12 results. At the time of admission, however, they must present their grade 11 and grade 12 passing certificates.
  • Pass the Entrance Exam Conducted by the college


  • Grades in 11th and 12th grade must be at least D+ with a CGPA of 2.0 or higher. Or,
  • Second-division marks in 10+2, PCL, or an equivalent grade in any discipline are the required minimum. Or,
  • You can also apply if you are a student awaiting your grade 11 or grade 12 results. But they must submit a passed certificate of grade 11 and grade 12 at the time of admission.
  • Pass the Entrance Exam Conducted by Tribhuvan University.


  • Grades in 11th and 12th grade must be at least D+ with a CGPA of 1.8 or higher. Or,
  • Second-division marks in 10+2, PCL, or an equivalent grade in any discipline are the required minimum. Or,
  • Students awaiting their grade 11 and grade 12 results are also eligible to apply. However, individuals must have grade 11 and grade 12 completion certificates while applying.
  • Pass the Entrance Exam (CMAT) (40 Marks) conducted by Tribhuvan University.


  • You must have passed the Bachelor’s Degree from TU or any institution recognized by TU.
  • Pass the Entrance Exam Conducted by TU / College.


United College provides scholarships to outstanding students based on their academic performance.

Scholarship Scheme for Admission

Students who place first, second, or third in the final examinations of each semester and the yearly program will receive a full tuition fee scholarship, a three-quarter tuition fee scholarship, and a half tuition fee award, respectively.

The “United College Prize” is awarded to the top three students in each Terminal Examination. Each year, United College bestows the “Best Student Award” on the student chosen to be the finest from each level.

For Students of the United Academy

Scholarship CategoriesAdmission FeeMonthly Fee
UA Topper(+2)100%75%
UA Topper(II)100%65%
UA Topper(III)100%55%
UA Above CGPA 3.275%50%
UA Between CGPA 3 to 3.265%40%
UA Between CGPA 2.8 to 350%35%
UA Below CGPA 2.840%25%
UA=United Academy

For Students of Other Colleges

Scholarship CategoriesAdmission FeeMonthly Fee
College Topper(With Distinction)100%60%
College Topper (Without Distinction)75%50%
Above CGPA 3.260%40%
Between CGPA of 2.8 to 340%30%
Below CGPA 2.820%20%
*Terms and Conditions Applied

About United College

United College (UC), founded in 2058 B.S. as the higher wing of the victorious United Academy, is centrally located in Kumaripati, Lalitpur. The institution was founded to provide courses in business studies, information technology, and humanities in a scientific and disciplined manner. The Tribhuvan University-affiliated college offers unrivaled Bachelor of Business Studies (BBS), Bachelor of Business Management (BBM), Bachelor of Computer Application (BCA), and Master of Business Studies (MBS) programs.

At the core of the college’s mission lies the primary objective of arming students with the most current perspectives on the competitive realm, while also nurturing qualities like sensitivity, critical thinking, and a profound sense of responsibility. United College goes beyond the traditional notion of an educational institution; rather, it represents a harmonious blend of indispensable physical infrastructure and academic excellence.

This unique fusion empowers students, granting them the capability to adeptly navigate through a wide spectrum of challenges and address various issues with efficacy. Moreover, United College is a member of the United Education System, which prides itself on being a comprehensive school that provides education from pre-primary to post-graduate levels.

Teaching Pedagogy

FAQ Section
Tutorial Classes
Many tutorial classes are offered at no cost to students in order to help those who are falling behind catch up.
Home Assignment / Projects
After a class, students are required to do homework. The home assignment is checked and returned as soon as possible.
Field Study / Excursion
To enhance practical learning, United College routinely arranges field studies and industry excursions. Students require hands-on experience with their information in the real world, as well as time away from the monotony of classroom study. Following such travels, students are required to write a report.
Handouts are the most effective and vital instruments in the classroom for assisting the teaching-learning process. After one or two lessons, teachers of related topics distribute various resources to pupils in the form of handouts.
Participatory Method
Students as Tutor Program, Group Discussion, and Project Work are used to enhance student engagement in the classroom. Students are given projects that are related to their academic requirements. Students must always exhibit their capacity to explore, manage time, and exercise presenting skills when working on a project.
Seminar and Research
United College places a premium on student engagement in research. The topic instructor advises research work as needed. United College arranges seminars with experienced managers and researchers to provide additional information about the curriculum and provide students the opportunity to experience real life.
Teaching Equipment
Projectors, A/V aids, computers, video, and other relevant equipment are used.
Student as a Tutor
The typical pattern of attending lectures every day in class and following them up with certain hours of home study more often than not promotes ennui among the creative minds of students at the Bachelors and Masters levels. United College presents a novel class activity called ‘Student as a Tutor’ to make the learning process more entertaining.
This is an interactive session within a classroom in which students are offered relevant topics in many disciplines relating to their curriculum. They prepare the topic(s), then stand in front of the class and give a ‘lecture’ on the specific subject allocated to her/him in the same way that a teacher does. The student is also cross-questioned by her/his classmates. Because one may learn a lot (up to 90%, according to some reports) while teaching others, this is an excellent approach of knowledge augmentation with a great combination of pleasure, excitement, and learning experience.


United College Photo 1


Phone:  +977 01-5538673, 15537587

Email: [email protected]

Location: Kumaripati, Lalitpur, Nepal


College NameUnited College
AffiliationTribhuvan University
Fee StructureNPR 2-6 Lakhs (Expected, Varies Between Courses)
LocationKumaripati, Lalitpur, Nepal

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