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Bachelor of Arts in Social Work (BASW) – Tribhuvan University


Bachelor of Arts in Social Work

🏛 Tribhuvan University (TU)
Duration: 4 Years

Basic Information

Bachelor of Arts in Social Work is a four-year academic degree offered by Tribhuvan University’s Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences. The primary goal of this program is to train generalist social workers to meet the needs of modern Nepal and the world. In order to accomplish this, it provides 8 papers in separate semesters, including mandatory fieldwork, research work, academic writing, and report writing courses.

Apart from core social work courses, these courses also contain different mandatory courses from allied fields, as well as several optional courses in the third and fourth years, including some specialized courses. Furthermore, there are a few required courses such as Nepali, English, Nepat Studies, Research, and Academic Writing.


The general goal of bachelor-level courses is to provide students with an up-to-date understanding of the basic theories and practices of Social Work, as well as skills developed through intense fieldwork. The primary goal is to provide general skilled people resources for social work in Nepal.

Furthermore, it seeks to instill in students a sense of human rights and social justice. Thus, the ultimate goal of this level is to produce trained human resources by developing professional skills in this discipline students on par with those of other countries.

The bachelor level Social Work program seeks to develop the following skills:

  • Understanding of the fundamental concepts of social work, including principles, methodology, and practice.
  • Conduct research to identify the challenges that the community members experience and viable solutions to those difficulties.
  • Developing the ability to identify key societal problems in the context in which they occur.
  • Managing and leveraging the service system to address the issue among those affected.
  • Increasing self-awareness of one’s own abilities to respond to problem situations

Admission Criteria

  • The students should have completed a higher secondary level degree (+2, PCL, or any) in any of the subjects recognized by Tribhuvan University.
  • Students need to appear in the entrance examination conducted by Tribhuvan University.

Course Structure

First Year

PaperCode No.Title of CourseFull MarkRemarks
1SW 421Introduction of Social Work100Required
2SW 422Basic Sociology for Social Work100Required

Second Year

PaperCode No. Title of CourseFull MarksRemarks
3SW 423Basic Psychology for Social Work100Required
4SW424ASocial Case Work Practice50
SW424BSocial Work Practice with Groups50

Third Year*

PaperCode No.Title of CourseFull MarksRemarks
5.SW 425ACommunity Organization (Practical)50Required
6.SW425BDevelopment and Social Work (Practical)50Required
7.SW 410Social Policy and Welfare100Elective

Fourth Year*

PaperCode No.Title of CourseFull MarksRemarks
8SW 426Research Method and Academic Writing100Required
9SW 427Indigenous Social Work Practice of Nepal (Practical)100Required

Note: There will be two practical courses (social work practice) in the third and fourth years. The overall practical hours for social work will exceed 450 hours at the bachelor level. It will fulfill the requirement of fieldwork for the development of professional social work skills among students so that they can work as generalist social workers within and beyond Nepal.


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