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Class 11 Model Questions 2080 (All Subjects)

Class 11 Model Questions 2080 – Here, we have included the model question for all Class 11 Faculty such as Science, Management, Humanities, Law, and Technical.

Class 11 Science Model Question 2080

S.NClass 12 Science Subjects Model Question 2080 (Links)
1Com. English (With Solution)
2Com. Nepali (With Solution)
3Social Studies (With Solution)
4Mathematics (With Solution)
5Physics (With Solution)
6Chemistry (With Solution)
7Biology (With Solution)
8Computer Science (With Solution)

Class 11 Management Model Question 2080

S.NClass 12 Management Subjects Model Question (Links)
1Com. English (With Solution)
2Com Nepali (With Solution)
3Social Studies (With Solution)
4Accounting (With Solution)
8Tourism and Mountaineering
9Business Studies (With Solution)
10Business Mathematics (with Solution)
11Hotel Management
12Hospitality Management
13Computer Science (With Solution)

Class 11 Model Question (Other Faculties)

Subject CodeSubject NameLink
001Compulsory NepaliClick Here
003Compulsory EnglishClick Here
005Compulsory Social Studies & Life SkillClick Here
105Rural DevelopmentClick Here
107Jurisprudence and Legal TheoriesClick Here
119PsychologyClick Here
121HistoryClick Here
123Gender StudiesClick Here
131Human Value EducationClick Here
203Education and DevelopmentClick Here
205GeographyClick Here
207Procedure LawClick Here
211SociologyClick Here
215Business StudiesClick Here
217LinguisticsClick Here
223Population StudiesClick Here
229DanceClick Here
309Gerontology and Care-Taking EducationClick Here
313InstrumentClick Here
317Constitutional LawClick Here
323CultureClick Here
325Fashion DesigningClick Here
329Live Stock Poultry and Fish FarmingClick Here
331Optional NepaliClick Here
403Applied MathematicsClick Here
409Library and Information ScienceClick Here
411Home ScienceClick Here
413Environment ScienceClick Here
415General LawClick Here
425SingingClick Here
429Sericulture and Bee KeepingClick Here
431Beautician and Hairdressing EducationClick Here
435Plumbing and WiringClick Here
441Mass Communication and JournalismClick Here
443Health and Physical EducationClick Here
445Sports ScienceClick Here
447Social Studies and Life Skill EducationClick Here

Class 11 All Subjects Model Question 2080 PDF:

How to Get Most of Class 11 Model Questions 2080?

These model questions are prepared based on the NEB Class 11 Syllabus by the Curriculum Development Center, Bhaktapur. You can expect your college and the local governing body to prepare the Class 11 Board Exam question in a similar pattern.

So, don’t skip any question from the Class 11 Model Question 2080. Work around a similar kind of question from your text or practice book. Also, look for questions, what kind of questions are asked, and look for repeated questions as well.

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1. Structured Study Plan:

  • Create a well-organized study timetable. Allocate specific time slots for each subject and topic, ensuring comprehensive coverage of the syllabus.

2. Quality Learning Resources:

  • Use recommended textbooks and supplementary study materials. Quality resources enhance your understanding and provide in-depth knowledge.

3. Regular Revision and Practice:

  • Revise previously learned topics regularly. Practice solving problems and answering questions from each subject to reinforce your understanding and improve retention.

4. Active Engagement:

  • Actively participate in class discussions, ask questions, and engage with the learning material. Active learning enhances comprehension and helps in retaining information.

5. Use of Technology and Online Resources:

  • Leverage educational apps, online tutorials, and digital platforms for interactive learning. These resources often offer multimedia explanations and practice quizzes, aiding your understanding.

6. Healthy Lifestyle and Stress Management:

  • Maintain a balanced diet, get regular exercise, and ensure sufficient sleep. Manage stress through relaxation techniques such as meditation or hobbies you enjoy. A healthy mind and body enhance learning capabilities.

7. Seek Support and Feedback:

  • Don’t hesitate to seek help from teachers, classmates, or online forums if you’re struggling with certain topics. Additionally, ask for feedback on your performance to identify areas that need


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