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Bachelor CollegesPashchimanchal Campus - Courses, Fee Structure, Location

Pashchimanchal Campus – Courses, Fee Structure, Location


Pashchimanchal Campus

📍 Lamachaur, Pokhara
✆ +977 061-440457

Courses (Tribhuvan University)

Programs Offered

Bachelor in Civil Engineering (BE Civil)

Duration: 4 Years | Seats: 144

Bachelor in Mechanical Engineering (BE Mechanical)

Duration: 4 Years | Seats: 48

Bachelor in Computer Engineering (BE Computer)

Duration: 4 Years | Seats: 48

Bachelor in Automobile Engineering (BE Automobile)

Duration: 4 Years | Seats: 48

Bachelor in Geomatics Engineering (BE Geomatics)

Duration: 4 Years | Seats: 48

Bachelor in Electrical Engineering (BE Electrical)

Duration: 4 Years | Seats: 48

MSc in Communication and Knowledge Engineering

Duration: 2 Years | Seats: 20

MSc in Electrical Engineering in Distributed Generation

Duration: 2 Years | Seats: 20

MSc in Infrastructure Engineering and Management

Duration: 2 Years | Seats: 20

MSc in Rock and Tunnel Engineering

Duration: 2 Years | Seats: 17

MSc in Geospatial Engineering

Duration: 2 Years | Seats: 20

Pashchimanchal Campus Fee Structure

The fee structure of the Pashchimanchal Campus is as follows:

CoursesPashchimachal Campus Fee Structure
BE CivilNPR 56,700 (Regular)
NPR 4,90,000 (Full Fee)
BE ElectronicsNPR 56,700 (Regular)
NPR 4,90,000 (Full Fee)
BE MechanicalNPR 56,700 (Regular)
NPR 4,90,000 (Full Fee)
BE ComputerNPR 56,700 (Regular)
NPR 4,90,000 (Full Fee)
BE AutomobileNPR 56,700 (Regular)
NPR 4,90,000 (Full Fee)
BE GeomaticsNPR 56,700 (Regular)
NPR 4,90,000 (Full Fee)
BE ElectricalNPR 56,700 (Regular)
NPR 4,90,000 (Full Fee)


BE Programs

  • You should have completed your +2 education from a science background or equivalent.
  • You should have scored a C in total in each subject of Class 11 and Class 12 with mathematics and physics 100 marks or 45% in total.
  • At last, you must pass the entrance exam with a good score to get your name on the merit list of the college you are interested in.


The scholarships and full-paying seats at Paschimanchal Engineering Campus are as follows:

S.NProgramsTotal Seats*Scholarship Seats*Full Paying Seats*
1BE Civil14436108
2BE Electronics & Communication481236
3BE Mechanical481236
4BE Computer481236
5BE Automobiles481236
6BE Geomatics481236
7BE Electrical481236
Note: 10% of Seats are reserved for females candidates

About Pashchimanchal Campus

Pashchimanchal Campus also known as Pashchimanchal Engineering College is one of the constituent campuses of the TU Institute of Engineering. It is located in Lamachaur, Pokhara, Kaski, Nepal.

It occupies 312 ropanis of land in a beautiful area of the Pokhara Valley in Nepal’s Western Development Region. The World Bank, UNDP, and ILO provided support for the creation of the Paschimanchal Campus. It started operating in 1987. At first, courses at the diploma (overseer) level were provided alongside a variety of trade and technician courses.

In terms of engineering disciplines, it now offers bachelor’s level courses in civil, electronics, electrical, mechanical, geomatics, computer, and automobile. The first BE program in civil engineering was started in the academic year 1999–2000. Other bachelor’s programs were afterward extended at various times. The Masters’s program began in the year 2015.

Today, there are 5 Master’s programs offered in a variety of departments, including M.Sc. programs in Geospatial Engineering, Distributed Generation, Rock and Tunnel Engineering, and Infrastructure Engineering and Management. We are pleased to report that our kids have demonstrated positive behavior, attained great academic standing, and demonstrated their abilities in a variety of extracurricular activities.

A division of IOE-TU, Paschimanchal Campus has produced students who have excelled in their graduate programs at several institutions of learning. They are pleased to announce that IOE has established itself as one of Asia’s leading providers of technical education.


Being the world’s leading institute for engineering education.


To establish the campus as a hub for research, academic excellence, and professional excellence.


  • To develop engineering talent at various levels to support national objectives.
  • To conduct a range of research and training initiatives to address important technological problems
  • To collaborate and establish relationships with industrial institutions
  • To foster cooperation with other academic and industrial institutions at the national and international levels.

Pashchimanchal Campus Photos


Phone: +977-061-440457, 440463, 440093, 440465

Email[email protected]


Location: Lamachaur, Pokhara, Kaski, Nepal


College NamePashchimanchal Campus
TypePublic / Community
AffiliationTribhuvan University
Fee StructureNPR 56,700 (Regular)
NPR 4,90,000 (Full Fee)
LocationLamachaur, Pokhara, Kaski

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