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Pokhara UniversityBachelor CourseBBA in Banking and Insurance (BBA-BI) - Pokhara University

BBA in Banking and Insurance (BBA-BI) – Pokhara University


BBA in Banking and Insurance

🏛 Pokhara University (PU)
Duration: 4 Years

Basic Information

BBA in Banking and Insurance (BBA-BI) is a four-year, eight-semester curriculum provided by Pokhara University’s 16 Business Schools.

It aims to offer students with fundamental knowledge and practical skills in a variety of business administration topics. It also aims to strengthen students’ intellectual ability and managerial skills through business and other social science courses. Furthermore, the program assists students in developing the necessary attitudes and qualities for managing corporate functions.

Entry Requirements and Admission Procedures


A new student in BBA must have completed Intermediate or Higher Secondary level (10+2) or Proficiency Certificate Level (PCL), or an equivalent approved by Pokhara University. In addition, the student must pass the entrance exam administered by the relevant college.

Documents Required

The candidate must submit the following documents along with the application form provided by the relevant college/school, along with a set fee:

  • BBA application form signed and completed Official transcripts from prior academic institutions attended.
  • All degree certificates must be photocopied and accompanied by valid attestation.
  • Enrolment is contingent on the fulfillment of all admission processes, including payment of all college-determined costs. Applications that are incomplete will not be processed.

Admission Procedures

An academic session is divided into two semesters. The Fall Semester begins in September, followed by the Spring Semester in March. Students are typically accepted into the program during the fall semester.

At the start of each semester, students must register for courses from the relevant institution on their own. Only in exceptional circumstances, at the discretion of the principal, may registration in absence be permitted. In most situations, a student’s nominee will not be permitted to register for the student’s course, but he or she may complete other requirements.

Curriculum Structure

Semester I

Course CodeCourse DescriptionCredit Hours
ENG 101English I3
MTH 101Business Mathematics3
ECO 101Introductory Microeconomics3
SOC 101Fundamentals of sociology3
PSY 101General Psychology3

Semester II

Course CodeCourse DescriptionCredit Hours
ENG 102English II3
MTH 102Business Mathematics II3
ACC 121Financial Accounting I3
MGT 111Principles of Management3
ECO 201Introductory Macroeconomics3

Semester III

Course CodeCourse DescriptionCredit Hours
ENG 203Business Communication3
STT 101Business Statistics3
FIN 132Principles of Insurance3
ACC 122Financial Accounting II3
MGT 211Fundamentals of Organizational Behavior3

Semester IV

Course CodeCourse DescriptionCredit Hours
FIN 238Risk and Insurance Management3
FIN 131Essentials of Finance3
STT 201Data Analysis and Modeling3
ACC 221Basics of Managerial Accounting3
RCH 311Business Research Method3

Semester V

Course CodeCourse DescriptionCredit Hours
MIS 201Introductory to Management Information System3
FIN 437Financial Institutions and Markets3
FIN 232Credit Risk Management3
MGT 314Management of Human Resources3
MKT 241Principle of Marketing3
PRJ 492Project Work3

Semester VI

Course CodeCourse DescriptionCredit Hours
MIS 202Essential of E-Business3
FIN 231Financial Management3
LAW 292Legal Aspect of Banking and Insurance3
FIN 233Life and Health Insurance3
INT 392Internship3

Semester VII

Course CodeCourse DescriptionCredit Hours
MGT 311Fundamentals of Operations Management3
FIN 234Property and Liability Insurance3
FIN 235International Banking and Insurance3
FIN 236Management of Commercial Banks3
Elective I3

Semester VIII

Course CodeCourse DescriptionCredit Hours
MGT 411Business Environment In Nepal3
MGT 412Strategic Management3
FIN 237Treasury Operations3
Elective II3

Elective Courses

Course CodeCourse DescriptionCredit Hours
FIN 431Corporate Finance3
FIN 432Microfinance3
FIN 433Investment Management3
FIN 436Fundamentals of Financial Derivatives3
FIN 438Trade Finance3
FIN 471Marketing of Banking and Insurance Products3
FIN 472IT for Banking and Insurance Services3
FIN 473Special Topics in Insurance3


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