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Bachelor CourseBachelor of Computer Information Systems (BCIS) - Pokhara University

Bachelor of Computer Information Systems (BCIS) – Pokhara University


Bachelor of Computer Information Systems (BCIS)

🏛 Pokhara University (PU)
Duration: 4 Years

Basic Information

Bachelor of Computer Information Systems (BCIS) is a four-year, eight-semester curriculum provided by Pokhara University’s 3 Colleges. It is intended to provide both theoretical and practical knowledge of computer information systems and IT. The course successfully integrates two of the most powerful disciplines: management and information technology.

BCIS has been developed to provide students with the opportunity to learn the fundamental principles and job-related knowledge of computers, as well as a flare for the theory, tools, and procedures of modern management. It is a rare opportunity to be a graduate with equal skill in two subjects.

Entry Requirements and Admission Procedures


A new student in BBA must have completed Intermediate or Higher Secondary level (10+2) or Proficiency Certificate Level (PCL) with at least 50 percent or 2.0 CGPA, or an equivalent approved by Pokhara University. In addition, the student must pass the entrance exam administered by the relevant college.

Documents Required

The candidate must submit the following documents along with the application form provided by the relevant college/school, along with a set fee:

  • BBA application form signed and completed Official transcripts from prior academic institutions attended.
  • All degree certificates must be photocopied and accompanied by valid attestation.
  • Enrolment is contingent on the fulfillment of all admission processes, including payment of all college-determined costs. Applications that are incomplete will not be processed.

Curriculum Structure

Semester I

Course CodeCourse DescriptionCredit Hours
ENG 101English I3
MTH 103Mathematics I3
PSY 101General Psychology3
ECO 101Introductory Microeconomics3
MGT 111Principles of Management3
CMP 161Programming Language3

Semester II

Course CodeCourse DescriptionCredit Hours
ENG 102English II3
MTH 104Mathematics II3
ECO 201Introductory macroeconomics3
CMP 162Digital Systems3
CMP 163Object Oriented Language (Java)3

Semester III

Course CodeCourse DescriptionCredit Hours
STT 101Business Statistics3
CMP 264Numerical Methods3
CMP 261System Analysis and Design3
SOC 101Fundamentals of Sociology3
CMP 263Computer Architecture and Microprocessor3

Semester IV

Course CodeCourse DescriptionCredit Hours
STT 201Data Analysis and Modeling3
ACC 121Financial Accounting I3
CMP 262Database Management System3
MGT 211Fundamentals of Organizational Behavior3
CMP 265Internet Technology (Web Programming)3
PRJ 291Minor Project I3

Semester V

Course CodeCourse DescriptionCredit Hours
FIN 131Essential of Finance3
CMP 266Operating Systems3
CMP 267Data Communications and Networks3
CMP 268Mobile Computing (Programming)3
MGT 314Management of Human Resource3

Semester VI

Course CodeCourse DescriptionCredit Hours
LAW 291Legal Aspect of Business and Technology3
MGT 311Fundamentals of Operations Management3
CMP 361Electronic Commerce (Programming)3
CMP 362Computer Graphics and Image Processing3
MKT 241Principle of Marketing3
PRJ 392Minor Project II3

Semester VII

Course CodeCourse DescriptionCredit Hours
RCH 311Business Research Method3
CMP 363Information System Security3
CMP 364IT Project Management3
INT 393Internship3
Elective I3

Semester VIII

Course CodeCourse DescriptionCredit Hours
MGT 412Strategic Management3
CMP 365Digital Economy3
PRJ 493Major Project4
Elective II3

Elective Courses:

Course DescriptionCredit Hours
Internet, Intranet, and Applications3
Distributed Database Management System3
.Net Technologies3
Geographical Information System3
Financial Institution and Markets3
Internet, Intranet and Applications3


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