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Driving License Exam 500 Questions (Category A, B, K)

Transportation Management Office has published question sets for written exams for driving licenses for Category A/K and Category B. Both sets contain 500 questions and among them, 20 questions will be asked in the exam.

As I mentioned earlier, there will be a written exam of 20 multiple-choice questions. Each question carries 5 marks and you need to score 60 marks to pass the driving license written exam.

Likewise, after the implementation of the new system, you just need 70 marks in your driving license trail to get the license.

Driving License Exam Questions and Answers

You can download any PDF you are interested in. All pdf contains driving license written exam questions with answer (respective category).

Now, the form system is completely online. You need to visit the Department of Transportation Management Office to fill up the form for an online driving license.

The written exam is so easy. If you know the basics of driving then you can easily get the passing mark. For trail, you need good driving practice and visit a driving school for a few days to get familiar with the trail system.

Ronish Dhakal
Ronish Dhakal
Ronish Dhakal is a education content writer at College Info Nepal.


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