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Bachelor CollegesBrixton College - Courses, Fee Structure, Contact

Brixton College – Courses, Fee Structure, Contact


Brixton College

📍 Bhimdatta, Kanchanpur
✆ +977 99-520499

Courses (Pokhara University)

Programs Offered

Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)

Duration: 4 Years | Seats: 96



  • Candidate must have passed the Grade 12 Examination with a minimum GPA of 1.8 with at least a D grade in each subject in Grade 11 and Grade 12. Or,
  • Completed Higher Secondary or Intermediate Examination with Minimum Second Division.
  • Pass the written exam and interview conducted by the college.

About Brixton College

The Brixton College is located in Bheemdatta-3, Brixton Road, Bhashi, Kanchanpur, Nepal. It offers a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) course in affiliation with Pokhara University.

The College was founded in 2009 AD with a vision to inspire excellence among the scholars. They have a slightly different perspective on management learning. In truth, today’s corporate environment is becoming increasingly chaotic and uncertain.

Explain how the Professional Management Program at Brixton BBA shines a light on the process of judgment and demonstrates that exercising judgment is not an art nor a science, but rather a craft that can be honed with practice, reflection, feedback, and coaching.

The college features a vibrant atmosphere for management education, giving prerequisites and required conditions for spiritual, professional, and socially responsible personal development based on social values.


Nature cannot exist without change. Indeed, the only constant in change is change itself. People who do not adjust to changing times risk being left behind.

Resistance to change is a significant impediment to accomplishing one’s goals, whether personal or professional. BRIXTON believes in the notion of change for the better.


Their goal is to prepare kids to excel in all aspects of life. We take natural delight in tapping and molding the potential of a segment of the population in a country with the youngest demographic among global economies.

They foster an open culture that encourages creativity. What distinguishes us is our capacity to nurture, deliver, evaluate, and grow young blooming minds into seasoned experts. Their students learn how to apply managerial concepts to a rapidly changing company world through a suitable blend of theory and practice.



Phone: +977-99 520499 | 590158

Email: [email protected]

Location: Bheemdatta-3, Brixton Road, Bhashi, Kanchanpur, Nepal


College NameBrixton College
AffiliationPokhara University
Fee StructureNPR 5-8 Lakhs (Expected)
LocationBhashi, Kanchanpur

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