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Bachelor CollegesThe Westminster College - Courses, Fee Structure, Location

The Westminster College – Courses, Fee Structure, Location

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The Westminster College

📍 Kupondole, Lalitpur
✆ +977 01-5911325

Courses (The University of Westminster)

Programs Offered

BSc (Hons) Computing

Duration: 4 Years

BSc (Hons) Cyber Security and Forensics

Duration: 4 Years


You have completed Ten Plus 2/ A levels and are taking/have taken college-level courses since then. You’re ready to change it up and continue your college journey as a part of the Westminster Community.


They are dedicated to creating a welcoming and supportive atmosphere for our pupils. Their purpose is to assist every student, regardless of background or circumstances, in achieving their academic and personal goals. To do this, they provide a variety of scholarship programs and fee waiver programs.

Merit Scholarship

Merit scholarships are provided for eligible students who have excelled in their academics. These scholarships are offered based on academic merit and are intended to recognize and encourage our students’ achievements.

Sports Scholarship

Sports scholarships are also available for students who excel in sports and represent the college in various contests. These scholarships seek to promote our students’ physical and mental growth while also promoting a healthy lifestyle.

The Westminster College Scholarship

Students who fit our criteria, such as those from rural places, disadvantaged groups, and low-income families, are eligible for the Westminster College award. This scholarship strives to ensure that students who experience financial hurdles to education can pursue their academic goals.

Other Opportunities

In addition to the above scholarship programs, they also provide need-based scholarships and fee waiver programs to help students who are facing financial difficulties. They believe that financial hurdles should not prevent students from pursuing an education, and they are committed to giving assistance to those in need.

About The Westminster College

The Westminster College (TWC) is located in Kupondole, Lalitpur, Nepal. It is affiliated with the University of Westminster and offers two Bachelor courses: BSc (Hons) Computer Science and BSc (Hons) Cyber Security and Forensics.

TWC values student achievement, and its complete education program is designed to provide students with the skills, knowledge, and experience needed to excel in their chosen careers. Their highly skilled faculty members are committed to providing students with an engaging and intellectually exciting learning environment in which they are encouraged to think critically and creatively.

They are dedicated to continual improvement and analyze and update our programs on a regular basis to ensure that they remain relevant and effective. Our great track record of producing successful graduates who go on to make important achievements in their chosen industries reflects their emphasis on quality education.

TWC, in addition to academic programs, provides a variety of extracurricular activities and support services to enhance the student experience. They are committed to assisting our students in achieving their personal and professional goals, from internship and placement opportunities to alumni networking events.


To give students an inexpensive, high-quality education and design thinking that inspires and prepares them with the job preparation skills needed to become inventive problem solvers and positive change agents in both local and global communities.


They are committed to providing an inexpensive, high-quality education and experience that encourages self-discovery, knowledge generation, and the development of innovative problem-solving abilities through design thinking and practical application.



Phone:  +977 01-5911325

Email: [email protected]

Location: Kupondole, Lalitpur, Nepal


College NameThe Westminster College
AffiliationUniversity of Westminster
Fee StructureNPR 12 Lakhs (Expected, Varies Between Courses)
LocationKupondole, Lalitpur

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