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AECC Global December

SEE Ended, Schools to conduct Class 10 Exam

Till last year, the National Examinations Board (NEB) used to conduct the SEE (Secondary Education Examination) every year. Now, the SEE exam has ended/abolished/canceled by NEB and the Class 10 exam will be conducted by schools as per the Education Act 2080.

However, the Education Act 2080 hasn’t been implemented yet. So, NEB might conduct this year’s SEE exam.

This is one of the most massive decisions in Nepal’s education history. SEE was considered the golden gate in student life.

Now, NEB will only conduct the Class 12 Board Exam as they have already given the task of conducting the Class 11 exam to respective colleges a couple of years back.

Check: Full Education Act 2080 (With Summary)


    • The Education Act 2080 is yet to be implemented. So, the SEE exam will be conducted by National Examinations Board (NEB).


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