AECC Global December
AECC Global December

IOE withdrew the decision to increase the Engineering Courses fee

Ronish Dhakal

A few weeks back, IOE announced an increase in the fee for Bachelor’s Engineering programs to NPR 7,75,420 for full fee seats from NPR 3,18,880. Likewise, they hiked the fee for regular (scholarship) seats to NPR 83,420. After weeks of protest, they finally withdrew the decision to increase the fee.

The 120% fee hike was a little too much from IOE. According to them, with the current fee (NPR 3,18,880) it was difficult for them to run the institute as there is no financial support from Tribhuvan University to the Institute of Engineering (IOE).

Different student unions were protesting against this decision and they also go support from different media and political leaders.

So, that’s the news, as of now there will be the same fee structure for this year’s new admission in any IOE constituent college as last year.


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