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Global School of Science – Mid Baneshwor, Kathmandu

Global School of Science

📍 Mid Baneshwor, Kathmandu
✆ +977-9801912902


Courses Offered

Ten Plus Two Science (+2 Science)

Affiliation: National Examinations Board


  • Candidates must have passed SEE or its equivalent with a GPA of 2.4 or higher with a C+ in Science and Maths, and a D+ in English, Nepali, and Social Studies.  

Admission Procedure

Registration: For inquiry and registration, one can register online using the links provided on the college’s Facebook page, or website, or by visiting the college.

Qualifying Exam: Registered students must attend a qualifying test on the day specified when they register.

Booking seats: Qualified students are notified of the deadline by which they can reserve seats for themselves by depositing a fee.


  1. Full Scholarship (Including Admission Fee) for one student with a higher score in an average SEE GPA, entrance, and interview.
  2. Full Scholarship (Including Admission Fee) for six students belonging to Underprivileged, Dalit, Adivasi Janajati, Madhesi, Remote area, and Financially poor groups.

Global School of Science also provides scholarships based on SEE GPA as well which looks as follows:

SEE GPARemarks
3.95 – 4.0100% off on Admission Fee, 100% off on Annual Fee, and 80% off on Monthly Fee
3.9-3.94100% off on Admission Fee, 75% off on Annual Fee, and 80% off on Monthly Fee
3.8-3.89100% off on Admission Fee, 30% off on Annual Fee, and 50% off on Monthly Fee
3.7-3.7950% off on Admission Fee, 30% off on Monthly Fee
3.6-3.6950% off on Admission Fee, 20% off on Monthly Fee
3.2-3.5950% off on Admission Fee

Also, the college offers scholarships based on the Class 11 board exam and internal exam as well. It is provided as follows.

NEB Exam 1st Position in Class 1175% off on Tuition Fees for One Year in Class 12
NEB Exam 2nd Position in Class 1175% off on Tuition Fee for One Year in Class 12
NEB Exam 3rd Position in Class 1150% off on Tuition Fees for One Year in Class 12
Terms Exam 1st Position in Class 1160% off on Tuition Fee for Three Months
Terms Exam 2nd Position in Class 1140% off on Tuition Fees for Three Months
Terms Exam 3rd Position in Class 1120% off on Tuition Fees for Three Months

Note: Now, the Board exam is also conducted by the College itself like the terminal examinations.

Moreover, the Global College of Science also provides a trophy and cash prize to the higher scorer in the average of Class 11 and Class 12 in board exams.

About Global College of Science

Under the ownership of the Global College of Management, the Global School of Science (GSS) is an exclusive +2 science center that prepares every individual to be educated in science and technology and use its core subjects of intellectual significance as valuable assets for life to advance within the rapidly emerging technological cultures.

The college strives to provide science that is on par with the excellence of academic benchmarks of national and international renown. The institution administers the scientific program within the collaborative systems in accordance with the national curriculum, while also embracing the international academic and intellectual abilities highlighted at GSS for innovation in teaching-learning systems, patterns, and practices.

The learning environment at GSS is profound for the educational process to build with academic quality conceptualized in terms of facilities, technologies, and resources sufficient to engage both faculty and students in practices of teaching and learning science from a changing perspective. GSS’s classroom teaching methodologies are student-centered and effectively guide students’ practices for experimenting, proving, and using science as a skill-building process to successfully cope with modern technology-induced changes and problems.


The vision of GSS is to deliver science for quality educational outcomes through the involvement of expert faculty who are trained to devote additional academic efforts to our scheme and to nurture each aspirant student who is facilitated in the superbly organized learning environment. Senior academicians, practitioners, specialists, and scientists with a professional track record in several areas of science are assigned to GSS in order to achieve the objective.

Subject experts at GSS design instruction that centers students in action given a form under the motivational mentorship of the faculty in a continual effort to build an educational process within the knowledge construction pedagogical scheme. As such, GSS substantiates science education in the nurturing of individual students for actions that are mediated to reach the zone of proximal development when each feels the power of self-initiated practices framed after our vision of science for invention and knowledge transformation.



Phone: (+977) 9801912902


Location: Mid-Baneshwor, Kathmandu, Nepal


College NameGlobal School of Science
Fee StructureNPR 2.5 Lakhs (Expected)
LocationMid-Baneshwor, Kathmandu, Nepal

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