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Bachelor CollegesForbes College - Courses, Eligibility, Contact

Forbes College – Courses, Eligibility, Contact


Forbes College

📍 Bharatpur, Chitwan
✆ +977 56-594301

Courses (EHE European University, EurAka, Switzerland)

Programs Offered

BCS (IT) in Cyber Security & Networking

Duration: 4 Years

Bachelor in Hospitality Management (BHM)

Duration: 4 Years



  • Candidate must have completed Ten Plus Two or equivalent from a recognized board with at least a D Grade in all subjects of Class 11 and Class 12.


  • Forbes Scholarships are awarded to outstanding students based on merit.
  • Scholarships are available for students who secure/hold positions in semester exams (100%, 75%, and 50% off tuition for respective first, second, and third semesters).

About Forbes College

Forbes College is a well-known institution located in Bharatpur Metropolitan-2, Kshetrapur, Chitwan, near QFX Jalma Hall. The college’s primary mission is to provide technical education in emerging IT and Hospitality Management concerns.

Bachelor of Science (Hons.) in Hospitality Management and Bachelor of Computer Science (Hons.) (Network Technology & Cyber Security) are the two four-year bachelor programs now available.


To be a premier educational institution by delivering world-class education in numerous emerging disciplines in order to generate conscientious and learned professionals who contribute significantly to the nation’s socioeconomic growth.


Forbes College’s mission is to become the nation’s leading educational institution, enhancing lifelong learning opportunities, practical and scientific skills, social values, leadership, and entrepreneurship via the use of information technology in order to establish a noble human society.


  • To deliver quality teaching, student engagement, and curriculum adaptation to meet community needs.
  • Maintain and improve support systems in order to improve college functioning and student achievement.
  • To engage the college community by providing suitable facilities and a quality and productive work, study, and learning environment.
  • To remain committed to excellence through professional development.
  • To look for resources to help the college’s mission.
  • To allocate resources in a way that is productive, efficient, and consistent with the mission of the College.
  • To develop structures and procedures in colleges that ensure public accountability.
  • To contribute to the College’s goal of increasing access, equity, diversity, and enrollment.
  • To serve as a cultural and economic development leader in the College’s service area.



Phone: +977-56-594301

Email: [email protected]

Location: Bharatpur-2, Chitwan, Nepal


KFA Business SchoolForbes College
AffiliationEHE European University, EurAka, Switzerland
Fee StructureN/A
LocationBharatpur, Chitwan

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