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Best PTE Classes in Chitwan (2023 Update)

Are you considering studying abroad? Before you start your paperwork, you should do some research on the courses and locations where you want to study. Following that, you must locate the best PTE Preparation Classes Institute in Chitwan to help you pass the exam.

In Pokhara, over 100 education institutes offer PTE Preparation classes. Here, We have compiled a list of the 5 best PTE Preparation Classes in Pokhara.

Note: This is not a rank-wise listing.

Best PTE Classes in Chitwan

AECC Nepal

AECC Nepal is providing one of the best PTE Preparation Classes in Chitwan. It’s in Lions Chowk, Narayangarh, Chitwan. Over 50K foreign students have been helped to achieve their study abroad goals by linking them with appropriate study alternatives at over 750+ outstanding educational institutions.

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They act as unbiased advocates for over 500 vetted recognized colleges and educational institutions worldwide. They provide you with a diverse range of options backed by each institution’s extensive knowledge.

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Alfa Beta

Alfa Beta Consultancy is situated in Bharatpur – Height, Chitwan, beside the Birendra Campus. They have a solid reputation and years of experience advising students on international studies. It offers a number of services, including institution selection, application assistance, visa processing, and test preparation.

Alfa Beta Consultancy is the best consultancy in Chitwan

Alfa Beta Consultancy has created connections with prestigious universities and educational institutions throughout the world, providing students with access to a diverse selection of study options. By dedicating itself to excellence, Alfa Beta Consultancy has helped numerous students fulfill their dreams of studying abroad.


KIEC Pvt Ltd. offers one of the best PTE Preparation Classes in Chitwan. It is situated at Lionschowk, Narayngadh, Bharatpur. They offer competitive visa rates for Australia, the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, and New Zealand.

KIEC Consultancy is one of the top consultancy in Chitwan

KIEC’s primary focus is on Abroad Studies Counseling and Test Preparation Classes (to augment the counseling). The happiness of students after college/university placement and career settling is our motivation, and the delight of KIEC is the grin on the respective parent’s faces. Another reason we encourage amicable reciprocal links with relevant universities and colleges.

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Kangaroo Education Foundation

Similarly, Chitwan’s Kangaroo Education Foundation (KEF) is a prominent PTE Preparation Institute. It is situated on the third floor of CG Landmark, Bharatpur 10, Bharatpur.

Kangaroo Education Foundation is of the leading education consultancy in Bharatpur, Chitwan

KEF is a dedicated team of professionals with extensive expertise in education, training, consulting, and management who believe in providing exceptional service and professionalism. Kangaroo Education Foundation’s Educational Counselors are all required to hold professional credentials, as are all of their approved counselors.

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Global Reach

The Global Reach Consultancy is located in Chitwan’s Shahid Chowk. Over the past 31 years, Global Reach has advised over 400,000 students and successfully placed over 50,000 in prestigious schools in 18 countries. Students mentored by Global Reach are significantly more knowledgeable than their colleagues, according to several surveys and assessments.

Global Reach Consultancy

Global Reach is linked with AAERI (Association of Australian Education Representatives in India) and is led by Mr. Ravi Lochan Singh, an elected member since 1996. Mr. Singh is currently serving his fifth term as President of AAERI. The Australian High Commission in New Delhi created AAERI in 1996 with the goal of fostering industry self-regulation.

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Summary: Best PTE Preparation Classes in Chitwan

S.NBest PTE Classes in ChitwanLocation
1AECCLions Chowk, Chitwan
2Alfa BetaLions Chowk, Chitwan
3KIEC Pvt Ltd.Bharatpur Height, Chitwan
4Kangaroo Education FoundationCG Landmark, Chitwan
5Global ReachShahid Chowk, Chitwan


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